Are videos worth the investment?

Are videos worth the investment?

There’s a common misconception in the modern advertising that video is a luxury item and not a necessity in advertising. There was a time when this was true, but the reality is that if your business does not have a high quality video featured on your website home page, and prominently in your social media, you’re losing revenue. Video investment is both necessary and powerful.

Our culture has shifted to a media focused culture, and people are consuming video at unprecedented rates. Youtube video consumption alone more than doubles every year, and the amount of content uploaded every day is staggering. Video engages the senses, mind, and emotions of a viewer more than text will – especially for marketers. The reality is, this information really belongs in a video because it will stick with you more.

Customers buy from you because they know you, like you, trust you, and need you – in that order. Videos build the know, like, and trust very succinctly, and in an age where social proof and authenticity matters.

Not only this, but video is proven to last in people’s minds far longer than text, billboards, mail advertising, or any other format. I bet you can recall commercials you saw years ago, but would have trouble picturing text or even image as you’d seen. Eighty percent of ad viewers can recall the specifics of a video ad thirty days after viewing it, and forty-six percent of them take action directly because of the video ad.

Small Investment, Big Reward

While video investment can look overwhelming to smaller businesses, when you consider that for the average business the lifespan of a video is two to four years, it’s a very small investment with the potential to pay for itself many times over – sometimes within the first month or two.

Salt and Light Photography hired Focused Story Films to create two promotional videos for them, and within a month of the first being launched online and used in advertising they saw a spike in inquiries and bookings for their wedding business.

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