At Focused Story Films we love working with non-profits to bring your events and causes to life to connect with and expand your donor base. Philanthropy has always been a part of Focused Story Films’ vision for what we do. Unfortunately due to the time consuming nature of the level of artistry and care we bring to each project, and the large number of non-profits who desire to work with us, we cannot take on more than three in-kind projects per year, which we have completed for the 2017 year. However, we are happy to work with your budget and discuss what we can do within your budget parameters to produce amazing content.

Over the last year we’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with organizations and at events including:

KC Urban Advantage

(In Post-Production)

Helmed by the Museum at Prairefire, KC Urban Advantage is a dynamic program designed to improve science literacy by collectively providing extraordinary resources to underserved students, their families, caregivers and educators. Urban Advantage is modeled after successful programs in New York City and Denver that were jointly developed with the American Museum of Natural History.

It’s been amazing to work with the Museum at Prairefire and Kansas City Zoo to produce this video helping connect them with their donors. The video is in post production and we are very excited to complete it and see it help more students get better science educations!

Tour de Hope

Tour de Hope is an annual cycling event designed to raise money and awareness for the Kansas City Hope Center, which is an amazing organization helping underprivileged children in the Kansas City, Missouri area. It was wonderful getting to work with some very dedicated and passionate cyclists to get to create their first promotional video. We’re looking forward to capturing the 2017 for them and continuing to create content for them in the future.

Weddings for Kidneys

(In Production)

Weddings for Kidneys is a non-profit with the vision of raising money for kidney transplants through mass wedding and vow renewal ceremonies. We had the honor of shooting their first ever event at the Madrid Theater and Jack Reardon Convention Center and are very excited to see their attendance and fundraising grow once our video is produced.

Jewish Vocational Service’s Refugee Birthday Party

(In Production)

Love Your Brain

Caring for the Heart

Parker Loves Life

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