Fitness Video

  • Brian did an amazing job at my fitness style video shoot! He edited exceptional video for my promotions and I could not recommend him enough! I will use his services again in the future for my business!

    Amina Barnes - Fab2Fit
  • I had the pleasure of working with Focused Story Films to shoot a commercial promo video for my business CORE Strong Fitness. The level of quality that Brian delivered was second to none! His way of artistically shooting and putting it all together to really capture the real story of my business was phenomenal! Quick turn around time, easy to work with on editing and understanding exactly what I wanting, is why I would highly recommend Brian and the level of quality that he brings to an business owner that want to really show case what their story is about!

    Mark Campbell - CORE Strong Fitness

Video Samples

At Focused Story Films we’re passionate about serving the Kansas City and greater midwest Fitness Community by creating powerful video content that elevates your brand image. The fitness industry is so beautifully diverse and the approach to your company’s videos should reflect you and your style, and at Focused Story Films its our vision to make sure that you are reflected in your video. 


Brand Video

Brand videos give an overall snapshot of who you are as a company, what you do, and what your customers can expect when they come to your gym or start to train with you. This is a great entry point into video marketing and is perfect for your website home page, pinned to the top of your social media profiles, and for use in email marketing. These videos typically have the longest shelf life of any video in your marketing arsenal.

Short Educational Videos

These videos are professionally shot and edited training videos under five minutes in length. This is great content to put out in depth explanations of techniques, short workout demonstrations.

Virtual Classes and Training Videos

If you’re looking to create individual videos or video courses to sell as online assets, or to release as supplementary content to clients, virtual class and training videos are a fantastic option. Focused Story Films will film and edit your class with multiple angles and high quality audio to ensure you have a quality end product to sell or give to your clients. 

Social Media Clips

Social media clips are the quick and varied videos that can populate your various social media channels and blog posts to keep your audience engaged. These videos can look vastly different from video to video or company to company depending on the branding and connection strategies you employ. You can advertise upcoming classes, share video testimonials, humanize your business, or even be small comedy sketches to encourage viral sharing. There’s no limit to the possibilities of what we can create with our social media package options.

Promotional Video

Promotional videos are structured thirty second to one minute ads that can be used to promote classes, trainings, teachers, or features of your fitness business. These videos are more polished than social media clips, but shorter than larger brand videos and focus in on one particular aspect of your business per video. Depending on how much your business evolves, like brand videos, these videos can have a fairly long shelf life and are great for populating your website with more engaging content than just text.