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With the rapid growth of the industry, gyms, boutiques and personal trainers are all flocking to social media to promote their businesses. In 2018, a solid video-marketing strategy is vital to growing your business — doubly so for fitness professionals.” –

According to a Social Science Research Study 65% of people are visual learners. That means that over two-thirds of your target audience are going to absorb information visually first and foremost. Moreover, another 30% of the population learns primarily via hearing. That means 95% of the population are taking in information more effectively through video than by text.

Why People Work Out:

Improve Health
Lose Weight
Look Better
Feel Better
Socialize/Build Community

What They All Have In Common:

Every single unique reason for joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer, or stepping into a fitness class all come back to how your potential client feels.
Every potential client is feeling emotional pain points that you have the opportunity to overcome.
The man who wants to improve his health might be afraid of dying because he didn’t take care of his body. The woman who wants to look better might feel insecure and wants to rid of this negative emotion. Another person might be lonely and want to put themselves out there into a positive social environment. Most people have a mix of these feelings – and possibly even other motivations for deciding to get off the couch and start caring about their health.
As a marketer, leveraging the emotional reasons your potential clients might want to join your gym, take your class, or train one on one with you is key. In a market saturated with fitness professionals you have to stand out to attract your ideal clients, and tapping into their emotions is the key.

What does this mean for you as a Fitness Professional in 2019?

Your social media marketing has to be more on point than it ever has been. Thankfully, using the emotional model, you can connect with your audience in a way that many fitness professionals are missing.

Creating content – not just ads – is a huge shift in the market. Tell the story of a client who overcame a challenge. Show how tight knit and connected your fitness community is. Emphasize how your company answers the emotional needs of your ideal client.

A very powerful strategy is to produce a steady stream of content that hits the core needs of your client base while showing how your classes or fitness community satisfy those very needs.

How Does This Look In Video?

Every company’s video plan will look a little bit different, but we recommend creating several powerful pillars that you utilize throughout your marketing.

Brand Videos

Create videos that show who you are as a brand. Show your culture. Show what type of clients you like to work with. Show how you treat clients. Show the community you’re built. These videos will be the bread and butter of any video campaign because they give people a reason to buy without directly selling to them.

Class/Program Videos

These will be incredibly important and powerful for some businesses more than others – but these are a great way for a fitness studio to show off what they teach, how they teach, and who they teach. These videos make great direct marketing advertisements to put on social media. Hype people up about an intense crossfit class, or make them feel at ease about trying yoga for the first time.

Testimonial Videos

Let your current clients tell their stories – and in turn – your stories.

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