Event Videos

Is your company hosting a charity event? Does your company participate in frequent trade shows? Is your company throwing an important internal event? A conference?

These events can be incredibly powerful tools to leverage for your marketing.

Charity Events connect your business with the community and show the community that you care about what’s going on in that community. Video captures the energy, the fun, and the impact of your event for the world to see and truly understand. Combining visuals with music and even audio will personally impact the viewers and build brand trust and loyalty to you – leveraging the good you’re doing to come back to your business. People love to do business with companies that give back. Make sure your customers know beyond a shadow of a doubt how you give back.

Trade Shows and Conventions are great ways to connect with a lot of potential customers, make sales, and engage with people interested in what you do. What if you could make them more effective by drawing in people who specifically want to meet you and get what your brand has to offer? With low cost advertising options like Facebook video, youtube, and Instagram, having video of your business at trade shows or conventions is a huge way to boost people’s interest prior to the event. We’ve worked with companies and found it hugely effective to boost their engagement at shows. Being able to connect with more of the right people at trade shows will enable you increase your ROI for the investment in the show, and grow your business faster.

What if you are a Convention Center or other host of a trade show? Advertising your vendors and the trade show itself is incredibly important. If your vendors have success, they’ll happily pay for booth space at the next convention, and if they don’t, they won’t. Helping ensure their success through video advertising is a powerful tool.

Internal Events and Company Parties are a critical part of company culture at any growing corporation. Capturing video of these events shows potential partners, employees, and clients that your company is a happy, healthy, and vibrant place to be. Similar to charity events – the community loves to know they’re doing business with a company that treats its staff well. Google and Facebook, to name two of the major companies, are well known for their amazing work environments. Capturing events that illustrate how great it is to work at your company will be highly effective in drawing the best people to work at your company and not only boost the productivity of your company, but also the bottom line.

Conferences establish your company as an expert in the field you’re working in. Rather your company is hosting a conference or speaking at one, having video captured of the conference to show a broader audience you are a leader in your field is critical. No matter what your industry is, there’s competition. People want to know they’re spending their money on the best. What better way to show you’re the best than show that you are trusted as an industry leader at a conference?