Engagements and Family

Engagement and Love Story Films

A Love Story Film isn’t a wedding film. It doesn’t even have to be an engagement film, (although that’s a very popular and appropriate time to have a Love Story Film created). These films combine beautiful imagery of you and your significant other in a location of your choosing with interviews telling the story of how you got together, where your journey has gone, and what you are excited to experience with each other in the future. 

These films are not only great time capsules, but an amazing way to strengthen your bond and romance and reaffirm your commitment and love for one another. Not to mention, they’re incredibly fun and relaxing to film, and we always have a blast! 


Austin + Layna

Taylor + Jack


Ruth + Stuart

Jana + Clay

Birth Films

Cinematic documentaries of your child being born are rapidly becoming more popular. As birth photography is on the rise, birth video is as well.  We tastefully and cinematically capture you through the last few hours of labor, birth, and the first moments after your baby is born as the doctors make sure he/she is healthy, and then as you get to hold your child for the first time. These are special moments that can’t be recreated and deserve to be documented. 



Family Films

Focused Story Films loves to follow couples as their journey takes them from two into a family with children. We can spend a few hours with your family, capturing your daily routine or a special occasion or outing for you to enjoy. We can incorporate voiceovers or interviews with you about what your family means to you. 


The Holt Family