Why Promotional Video?

Promotional video has huge benefits and implications for growing your business. A huge question business owners have is how to spend their advertising budget. Many marketers feel the need to choose between marketing and creating a video. This type of thinking is actually flawed, because using video in marketing converts at a much higher rate than without video.

A well made promotional video can actually drive up to 80% more conversion when placed on your home page. Consider investing  finite amount to perpetually increase sales for no additional cost for the next several years. Video marketing is 600% more effective than both print and mail marketing combined. Investing marketing dollars in video vs. print and other forms of advertising is currently one of the wisest things forward thinking marketers can do.

Salt and Light Photography hired Focused Story Films to create 2 Promotional videos for them in the first and second quarters of 2016, and within a month of the first video being leveraged on social media, their slowest booking month had become one of their strongest.