Brand Videos

We tell your story through one to five minute videos showcasing who you are and what makes your brand better than the rest.

of businesses use video in marketing
of information is retained when a viewer learns via video. Only 10% when they read text. (You may forget this statistic since it isn't in a video.)
of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.


With every video project we work with you to make sure it’s your vision that is communicated in the final product.


Focused Story Films will collaborate with your company to conceptualize and plan the vision for your video. Do you want testimonials and interviews, or do you want to tell your story completely visually? What visuals will best compliment the story you want to tell? Should we shoot a live event or stage one? All these questions and more are answered as we walk you through your vision.

Shot Listing/Storyboarding 

On shoot days, time is money. It is important that there is a plan in place for capturing the visuals. Focused Story Films always draws up a shot list, and in more complex situations, storyboards, to make sure we stay organized and on top of whatever shoot scenario we are a part of. 


Focused Story Films’s owner and lead cinematographer has been producing short films and commercials since 2005, and with that fourteen years of experience ensures that your shoot and the final product will be not only artistically crafted, but also effective for reaching your target market. 


Focused Story Films is dedicated to delivering a polished, well put together final product. Having produced hundreds of short films and commercials we’re efficient and dedicated to your satisfaction. 

All of our video packages include at least 3 free revision rounds on your video to make sure you’re satisfied with the final outcome. 

Standard Video Options

Three of our most popular video options for our clients. 

We offer short, standard, and full branding videos for clients that are ideal for social media and the web. If your business is just starting out and your traffic comes primarily from social media we recommend the “Short Video”. If your business receives traffic via facebook, youtube, or your website the “Standard Video” will be the ideal length. If you are a larger business utilizing web based marketing, receiving large amounts of traffic from your website, or showing video at presentations or conferences we recommend our complete branding videos. 

Short Video

  • Thirty second promotional video
  • One shoot
  • One Business owner interview
  • Two Customer testimonials
  • B-Roll Footage captured and incorporated

Standard Promotional Video

  • One minute promotional video
  • Up to two shoots
  • One business owner interview
  • One employee interview
  • Two custom testimonial interviews
  • B-Roll footage captured and incorporated

Brand Video

  • Two minute promotional video
  • Up to three shoots
  • One business owner interview
  • Two employee interview
  • Three custom testimonial interviews
  • B-Roll footage captured and incorporated