There are very few industries as visual as the dance industry. The entire premise of the industry is to teach people how to move their bodies in time to music, no matter what type of dance it is. 

It almost goes without saying that the written word is not adequate to communicate to prospective clients what you do. What’s the difference between Waltz and Foxtrot? How is Chacha different from Rumba? When I stepped into a ballroom for the first time, I thought “ballroom” was one style of dance. I had no idea there were nineteen different styles within four different generas within ballroom. The same is true when it comes to what ballet is, or jazz is, or hiphop is. If a prospective client can’t visualize what they might look like or feel like when dancing, how can they get excited about potentially learning from you?

Even deeper than that – stepping into a dance studio can be intimidating. In 2016 I started my dance journey, but was incredibly nervous because I knew very little about what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know what my teacher would be like, what I should wear, or how a lesson would be formatted. Short videos could’ve alleviated a lot of these fears for me, and many others who consider dancing. 

The fact is, the dance market is relatively small, and the competition is fierce. Many ballrooms and other dance studios don’t even have a list of teachers, classes, or events on their websites – much less videos covering these topics. Imagine the power of being the first studio in your community to really leverage videos showcasing the personalities and teaching styles of your instructors – or showing off the style of dance your students can learn – or how your studio is a true family environment that people can call home. 

Dance is a very personal and in some cases, large investment. Finding a teacher who works with your personality and personal goals can massively affect your dance experience and desire to continue learning. In many cases in the dance community, you don’t know much about your teacher until you actually start taking lessons from them. Videos can be used very powerfully to give students a better sense of who a teacher is before they step through the door, increasing the chance that there’s going to be good rapport between teachers and students. 

At Focused Story Films, I take my love of dance and marry it to my love of creating powerful content for brands, to specialize in producing powerful and meaningful dance content. 

Videos that most studios lack are:

Branding Videos – These videos showcase the general culture, dance style, mood, and feel of the studios. They show off the culture that new or experienced dancers can expect to find when walking through a studio’s doors.

Teacher Videos – These videos quickly showcase who your instructors are, how they teach, and give prospective students the opportunity to find a teacher whose a good match. 

Performance Videos – I first got interested in ballroom because I saw a performance and had the gut reaction of “I want to do that”. Having high quality performance videos on your website and social media is a great way to inspire potential dancers to decide that they want to learn how to dance. 

Class Videos – If your studio teachers different styles of dance, or different types of classes within a particular styles – short class videos can be an effective way to give potential students an idea of what they’ll be learning so they feel more comfortable showing up and will have a good experience.

Party Videos – Many dance studios host weekly or monthly dance parties or events to let students practice their technique and just make friends and socialize within their communities. Having videos to show how off the atmosphere is a great way to entice new dancers, or experienced dancers from other dance communities, to check out what you’re up to.

Testimonial Videos – Every business needs testimonials, and the dance community is no different. With such fierce competition, your studio or independent instructor business can greatly benefit from videos of your students and patrons talking about why they love learning and dancing at your studio. 


As both a dancer and videographer, I have a huge passion for creating content for dance studios and teachers that help them be more successful and connect them with more students. If you’re interested to learn more about how your dance business would benefit from video content, I’d love to hear from you!