1. Hiring family or friends as your videographer

Family friends are cheap and free, but they are not professionals. They don’t understand what they’re doing, what moments will be important to capture,  how to avoid disrupting the ceremony, and most importantly – how to compose and capture beautiful video and audio. Avoid using unpaid family or friends at your wedding unless you want to risk heartbreak of having no usable wedding footage.

2. Waiting till the last minute to hire a videographer

We’ve worked with couples who have waited until the last moment to hire us – and let’s be real – it’s always a scramble for them. There’s stress, panic, and not a lot of time to make a good decision or understand if you’re hiring a professional you can work with. Thankfully we’ve had great last minute experiences working with clients, but especially in popular wedding months finding a good videographer can be difficult – and finding one to fit a last minute budget – nearly impossible.

3. Going with the cheapest option

We understand budgets, and have worked with couples of many ranges over the years. However, typically a lower price point means they don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care enough to spend the time needed to make an amazing wedding film.  Quality takes time – and time takes money. You don’t necessarily need to hire the most expensive guy on the market, but finding someone in the mid-range will serve you far better than the guy who promises the world for under $1000.

4. Only hiring a videographer for the ceremony

To save money many people only have their ceremony filmed. The reality is that many of the best moments of the day happen outside the ceremony. Your dad seeing you in the dress for the first time. Smashing the cake into his face. Your first dance. The little moments of laughter and hugs with your wedding party. Your uncle’s funny speech. Point being – the ceremony is only a tiny fraction of the beauty that your wedding day is. Don’t miss out on those memories.