Over the past six months, Focused Story Films has had a fantastic time working with The Museum at Prairefire to create a number of great videos to use in different areas of museum advertising. We began with creating them a 45 second video around their Wedding and Event services, which were under-advertised and little known. They’ve now got an expanding library of Kansas City commercial video content to use around the city.

We had great success with this video, and they’ve been able to utilize it on social media and their website to help inform and inspire potential business owners and brides alike to consider and utilize their space for events. Creating this video was more like capturing a wedding or event, because that’s the exactly what we did.

As the lead cinematographer and editor of Focused Story Films, I coordinated with Prairefire to make sure that I was there when they had a corporate training, and when they had a wedding, to be able to organically capture those moments without having to expensively stage events. In this case, it worked absolutely beautifully.

We started the next project while I was still capturing elements for Prairefire’s events. They wanted a full promotional video centered around the museum itself functioning as a museum, and to really highlight the interactivity, and features of the museum better than text could.

This video had the interesting challenge of making static objects, fossils, and displays engaging through motion, music, and audio. It also presented the fun challenge of working with kids. Primarily I utilized a 70-200mm lens so I could be far enough back that the children weren’t thinking about me or being on camera to allow me to capture them authentically just enjoying the museum, rather than staging them. Getting authentic emotion and experiences will always connect better with an audience than overly-forced acting, particularly in working with children.


We have two new videos with them coming out very shortly that we’re very excited to share, so stay tuned!