Most customers go online when deciding what company they want to go with. They’ll visit your website, facebook page, and read reviews. This is a somewhat impersonal information gathering stage before you ever have a chance to interact with these potential clients. They have no way to get to know you – or do they?
Having a video to put a face to your company is a huge game changer. Rather you’re a startup small business, where YOU are your company, or a larger and growing company that risks becoming a large faceless empire, a high quality personable and engaging video can make a HUGE difference to the way people perceive your company. People like to buy from people that they like. A video can create that INSTANT connection.

CORE Strong Fitness

Mark Campbell, the owner of CORE Strong Fitness, understood this concept very well when he approached me about creating video content for his TRX based gym in Kansas City. We built his videos around this concept, to massive effect. He uses both the full 2 minute video, and a shorter 30 second video as a major part of his ad strategy, and has seen a huge increase in interest in his personal training and group fitness classes.


Salt and Light Photography

Salt and Light Photography, a high end Kansas City based wedding photography company, also hired Focused Story Films to create promotional material for them. Salt an Light saw their bookings double and continues to have many couples contact them because of the videos we produced for them that showcase the amazing company they are.


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