CORE Strong Fitness recently hired Focused Story Films to produce a branding video for them. Mark Campbell, the owner, is an amazing TRX trainer and very humble down to earth guy with a big heart. I was very excited to dive into this project with him. Yesterday was the shoot day, and it was an action packed, amazing experience. One thing I love as a film maker is getting to enter into so many different amazing stories with so many different and amazing people, and the shoot yesterday was a prime example this.

CORE Strong Fitness Side Plank

Twelve of Mark’s students showed up to be in the video, which is a testament to the quality of community Mark builds. Mark ran people through several of his fitness courses, so that everything we captured was real and authentic, exactly the way Mark does it in class. Because of this the pacing was fast and I was constantly moving around the floor to capture as many different angles as I could. This style of shooting is very much akin to a more controlled event shoot.

The passion everyone has for Mark and CORE Strong Fitness was evident in their dedication in the face of doing a lot more than a standard TRX workout (which can be pretty challenging in its own right). It always makes a shoot a lot more fun when everyone really acts like a family, and that’s the environment that Mark has built with CORE Strong. Prior to the shoot, I got to experience two TRX courses myself, and as someone who doesn’t do a lot of dedicated fitness, I really enjoyed the environment and even the workout itself.CORE Strong Fitness TRX

Be sure to visit Mark’s website and get in touch with him for more information about his classes.

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