Over the last several years marketing strategies have massively shifted. With the prominence of the internet in marketing strategies, and the prevalence of video on the internet, it has never been more critical. However, with the increased saturation of video, just having a video isn’t going to convert customers. Quality business video, on the other hand, will. Here’s three powerful ways having a quality business video can transform your Kansas City business by building trust with customers.

1. Your business becomes personal

First and foremost, as clients recognize your business as personal, they will connect with you more than companies that seem faceless. People like doing business with people. This applies to any industry. From fitness to law firms to consulting agencies and wedding vendors, having a connection with your audience on a personal level will build immense trust and value. The best businesses, no matter the industry, genuinely connect with and care about their clients.

In my experience and life, the times I’m willing to put down real money are the times I know a company, or individuals in that company, are genuinely invested in me and my well-being and me as a person. If given the choice between companies that offer amazing services and mediocre customer service, or companies that offer average products and great customer service, the majority of clients will pick the customer service centered company.

2. Your business is associated with quality

The second key trust building factor, is that in consumers’ minds, only serious businesses hire videographers to create a truly professional video. Many small or sketchy looking business will utilize their smart phones and iMovie to create something that may convey information, but actually invokes the opposite of trust. Using video as a means of ethical perception management, to convey the value and success of your business, will elevate you above companies that either ignore video or go the cheap and low quality route.

3. Your business is shown to have longevity

As with the perception management of building trust with customers, a quality video will build a sense of longevity. Businesses that are here today and gone tomorrow don’t invest in quality videography or branding. They limp along until they die. Businesses that grow and thrive are willing to invest in themselves and that growth, and with the growing dominance of videography this is a powerful way to demonstrate to clients that your business isn’t going anywhere or taking shortcuts because of budget cuts.



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