Preferred Vendor Spotlight: Salt and Light Photography

Shooting wedding video alongside great photographers is one of the best experiences a videographer can have. I had the opportunity to talk with Rachel Holt from Salt and Light Photography recently about her and her husband Austin’s top tier wedding photography company. I’ve worked with Salt and Light, being the videographer alongside them and events alongside them, as well as promotional content for them.

As one of the top wedding photography companies in the Kansas City area, Salt and Light has built their business off amazing customer service, high quality photos, and genuine relationships with the couples they shoot.

Enjoy our interview below:

Brian: What got you interested in the wedding industry?

Rachel: From a very young age I had a love for creativity. Some of my youngest memories include disposable cameras (back in the 90’s!) as my absolute favorite birthday gifts. Into my teens a knew I wanted to be a wife and a Mother and work from home so I dreamed about being a photographer. I had it in my head that that would be a perfect, fun and flexible way to achieve all I wanted in life. And it has been!

Brian: How did you start in the wedding industry?

Rachel: I assisted and shot my first weddings as soon as I could drive myself to them!

Brian: Nice! What is your profession and niche within the industry?

Rachel: Austin and I specialize in Weddings, and I also do Boudoir photography. Helping women see themselves the way they should (as incredibly stunning, beautiful and perfect) and creating such an intimate and special gift for their husband is a huge passion of mine! We also coach and mentor other photographers across the US. Elevating our industry and helping others create the life and business we have brings us a lot of joy!

Brian: Do you do destination weddings, or stay primarily in the Kansas City Metro?

Rachel: We primarily serve Kansas City/Surrounding area brides and accept up to one destination wedding per year.

Brian: Since you only take a limited number of weddings each year, how do you take the extra time with the couples you do book?

Rachel: Because we only accept 15 weddings a year, we spend a lot of time getting to know our couples both before and after booking with them. First, to make sure we are the right fit for each other, and second, once they’ve booked, we want to know our couples on a personal level, and them feel comfortable around us so when the wedding day comes, we are all friends – there to support the bride and groom as their friends and they get very relaxed, real, and genuine moments captured on camera. It’s a blast.

Brian: Are you still friends with some of the couples you’ve shot?

Rachel: Absolutely! One of our couples from the very first consultation said, “I feel like this is just going to end with a camping trip next year!” and sure enough, we planned one with them this year. The best part is, we all are great friends and have new camping buddies. This is the case with all our couples, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Brian: How can people reach you?

Rachel: We love it when brides do some stalking on our facebook and website before getting in touch, so they know a little bit about us before filling out our contact form through the website. From there, we will get in touch and can see if we are a good fit for each other!

Brian: Thanks so much for taking the time for this conversation!

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