Why event video will elevate your nonprofit

Commercial Video Investment

Did you know that video is more effective than every other form of advertising? This couldn’t be more true than for nonprofit organizations. Grabbing the attention and emotion of potential sponsors is key to maintaining any organization and advancing any cause. Video marketing is 600% more effective than print and direct mail marketing combined, so when considering marketing strategies, video will be more effective and save in long term advertising costs. Event video is one of the most effective ways to to start putting your nonprofit on the map.

Capturing events that your non-profit puts on can be a great use of video for three powerful reasons.

Event video saves your nonprofit time and money over other types of videography

To create  video outside of an event requires more time, effort, and money than it does to capture an event. You’re already investing the time, money, and energy to create a meaningful and powerful experience. To tell the story of your cause through an event video only costs for the videographer, unlike other shoots which may require paying for space, paying for actors/employees, and the blocking out of time that otherwise wouldn’t be spent. There’s absolute value in that style of video, but an event video can be a great way to keep costs lower than other types of videography.

Event video shows community engagement

Having an event video emphasizes that your non-profit is engaged in the community and visually illustrates the enthusiasm of both people involved in your organization and the excitement of others about your organization. Emotions don’t have to be manufactured for the camera and no one has to act, because everyone is living in the moment of the event.

Event video excites viewers for future events

Events are dynamic and visually engaging for audiences. Usually in events there is flair, pomp and circumstance. A good event video hits the energy and fun of the event as well as its purpose. Many galas involve fancy decorations, great food, dancing, and performances. Having these captured so that potential doners can see how much they might enjoy buying tickets or attending your next event will put them in a position to learn more about your cause while having a good time.


One great example of an event video is one I shot in March for the Parker Loves Life organization that is working to cure DIPG, a very deadly childhood cancer. They held a gala for Parker and hired me to film it. The result was massive community engagement and support for Parker.

Thank you for taking the time to read about how event video can benefit your nonprofit. If you’re interested in investing in an event video for your non-profit or want to learn more please contact Focused Story Films for a free consultation! We would love to have a conversation about how we can help you increase your nonprofit’s engagement.

Focused Story Films has been in video production for over a decade, and has a passion for creating emotionally engaging promotional videos that connect audiences with their brands. We offer a clean timeless look that will inspire confidence in your clients. Our goal is your success. We care about the businesses we work with, and it’s important to us to deliver the quality and professionalism that you deserve. We take a limited number of business and nonprofit video projects at a time to ensure each one gets the time and quality it deserves.

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