Why Do I need a branding video?

Your craft is important to you, no matter what it is. Maybe you’re an artist. Maybe you’re a photographer. Maybe you’re a dance instructor and choreographer. Perhaps you’re a musician. No matter your craft, expressing it visually and marketing it is necessary to expand your client base and help you to attract more clients and continue to make your passion your career – which is what we all dream as creatives. Utilizing a branding video is an extremely powerful step to take in pursuing your dream.

At Focused Story Films, we take capturing “you” and your art very seriously. We want your personality to be reflected in the video. No matter if you’re part of an artistic community or studio, or a sole proprietorship, we have options that can massively grow your business, and we’ll be there to offer you advice on how to utilize your video to get the maximum results from it!


To begin the process of taking your marketing and profits to the next level through powerful video content, schedule a free consultation contact us!